In a world where we can access almost any piece of music at the click of a mouse,or the tap of a screen, who would think that a physical format like vinyl would continue to endure? Far from being a nostalgia trip, vinyl records are now enjoyed by a wide range of ages by music fans searching for something more tangible. Below are just some of the reasons why buying vinyl still appeals in the digital age.

Stunning Artwork

The artwork is bigger, this much is obvious, but since many album covers are true works of art in their own right, the inherently bigger canvas certainly makes for a bold statement. Many collectors like to display their favorite albums on the wall in their home, and it’s hard to think of any other format better suited to this kind of homage. You can frame CDs, of course, but it’s just not the same.The larger format also makes reading the album notes easier, and more enjoyable. Many listeners enjoy reading the credits about who produced, engineered and played on the record as part of the experience.

Also worth considering is the world of picture discs. And while these releases have a reputation forpoor sound quality, they are none-the-less part of the art that makes owning music on vinyl both enjoyable and highly collectible.

Owning the music you love

As humans, we are far more likely to value an item when we own it. Psychologists summarise this as the “Endowment effect”, which is the belief that people ascribe more value to things as soon as they own them. We’ve gained many advantages with the introduction of streaming services, but at the same time, we’ve also lost much of the perceived value of music. At Sound Matters, we believe strongly in the importance of music ownership. After all, nobody ever asked to see your MP3 collection.

Great sound

There is no such thing a perfect format, and I’ll be the first to recognize that vinyl has its faults (end-of-side distortion, for example), but there’s no mistaking just how great vinyl sounds when it’s made right. Vinyl is a very musical format that can sound amazing when the mixing, mastering and manufacturing all come together to make one of the most enjoyable listening experiences out there.

The Thera-
peutic process

I think this last point is one that many vinyl enthusiasts can relate to: the process.

There’s no doubt vinyl requires extra effort and attention. From the process of carefully removing the vinyl record from its sleeve, to gently cleaning with a carbon brush, and steadily lining up the stylus ready for playback, it’s all part of the experience. Personally, I find this ritual therapeutic. I also enjoy the satisfaction of taking home a used, dirty record from the store and slowly bringing it back to life using a good record cleaner. Perhaps you need to be of a certain mental persuasion to enjoy having to work for your music, so to speak, but then again – nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Escaping the Screens

We live in a connected world with all the advantages that come with technology our ancestors could only dream of owning. But having the world at our fingertips can take its toll on our health. Studies show that too much screen time can lead to a multitude of health problems, from sleep deprivation to eye strain, bad posture, and even addiction problems.

I cannot overstate the importance of unplugging, and the vinyl format can inherently help us achieve this. Instead of browsing through Spotify or iTunes surfing from track-to-track, vinyl demands our attention in so many ways and encourages us to focus on the music with less distraction. Regular downtime with your favorite records could be good for your health!

"Younger, I used to only listen to music with my iPod or a similar tool, and of course they were songs that I had downloaded off the Internet for free. But then, when I was old enough to go to shows, I started to buy vinyl for no obvious reason. They were cool, I guess? I started to get used to listen to vinyl and get real satisfaction from putting the vinyl on the turntable. First, by buying vinyl directly at concerts we directly help the artists we love by consuming their merchandise but also you own the object and I think it's much better than listening to audio files that you quickly forget, vinyl is an object that you keep all your life."

- Fadil Ameti

I started to listen to vinyls with my dad when I was a kid. He has an awesome collection which has always fascinated me. I always though it was so cool to have an object which is personalized by the artist. I also like the idea of ​​collecting unique vinyl which are like something special you own. When I grew up I ending up collecting CD's because it was from my generation. But now, I came back to the vinyl because there's this special energy around vinyl collectors which I find really interesting. I think it's because the object is special an full of history. I also bloody like the sound of my vinyls on my turntable, and it's a pleasure for me to look for old vinyls.

- Charlotte Viglino

 I remember the first record I bought at a show when I was about 18 years old. At that time I didn’t know it would become such a passion. Today, almost all my records come from gigs I’ve been to. It’s become a way of anchoring those moments in my memory so that every time I listen to them, I take a leap into the past. Above all, I like to listen to a record from beginning to end. This creates, in my opinion, a new dimension of listening and understanding of the artist's overall work. It's far more immersive than constantly swiping – sometimes randomly? - from a track to another.And who doesn’t like the cracky sound of a record?

- Patrick Chevalley

I love listening to music on vinyl for the consciousness it requires. I use a lot the popular streaming platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud too but the sensation isn't the same. Often on shuffle mode and because of the algorithm, you don't control the play and what you listen to. Although sometimes you discover gems you didn't know yet. Listening to music on vinyl is a more sensible action involving your attention and your gestures. Moreover, music becomes something you can grasp, possess and bequeath further.

- Marjolaine Rey

I always had a sort of fascination for vinyles but never had the money to buy a record player. My mom offered me one for my 20 birthday and I finally could fully experience music in a kind of traditional way. It was a bit like magic. Today I rarely buy vinyles, firstly because of my money situation but also because they are like little treasures to me so I only buy them when it’s from artists I really really enjoy. It’s very important to me to have this kind of listening which in our streaming era and profusion of possibilities, it takes me back to a place where music can be enjoyed with a full consciousness of the object, the album in its integrity and the artist who made it.

- Diana Martin

In addition to being quiet aesthetic objects, vinyls helps us, in a world of playlist in shuffle play, to rediscover full albums. Most albums are thought like books, which at least have a progression and a rhythm and sometimes even a story, and while you listen to your latest Spotify playlist it’s easy to miss it. So that’s why I truly love vinyls. That and the alluring 30x30 cover, duh.

- Loris Briguet

I remember when I was little, my father was listening to old Serge Gainsbourg’s vinyles in the living room and I loved watching the vinyl turn on the turntable. Well, that was 15 years ago. Now I’m 17 and I still love to see my beautiful vinyles turning on my turntable. It’s been 2-3 years since I really started collecting vinyl. I find that everything is going so fast now (with streaming platforms for example), Buy a vinyl, be able to observe the cover, unpack it, observe the inside of the cover (can sometimes be accompanied by a nice little poster) it’s such a beautiful way to learn how to appreciate an artist with perhaps more patience and attention.

- Charlotte Haefliger

There really is something different about listening to music on a physical format. I like to buy the vinyls from artists I really give credit to.I also really like going to disc shops and having a talk with the people working there to let them surprise me with stuff I would never have listened to before. The object in itself always reminds me of the moment I bought it and the person I met in the meantime. It has really created links with people before. I always come back from vacation with one or two new vinyls.

- Antonin Maudry

The main reason I listen to records is probably for the beauty of it. I find it so much more satisfying to buy a physical version of a record rather than a classic CD, even if the price is higher. Also, it would seem that the sound is of much better quality, but since I'm not an expert in this area, I can't really confirm. Still, I must admit that there is a grain that is very pleasant to the ear, something that is less found on digital formats. To link these two thoughts, I feel closer to an artist when I can listen to his music on record than on any other platform. The gesture of starting a record player, putting down the vinyl, launching the music...

- Josh Kempinaire

My taste for music appeard by my father. I always knew that he had a collection of vinyls and my tastes where associated with their. My connection with these magical objects is very emotional and for me it’s a memory of my father. When he died, I had all the signs who make me understand that I had to buy a record player and find these pink floyd’s vinyls that he had hidden I don’t know where.

- Jessica Dreier

I think it's kind of a poetic way to consume music. Except during a concert or by practicing the music itself, it is not possible to feel music in a multisenorial manner. Vinyl allows you to touch and feel music in a unique way, you almost feel like you are part of the musical process by taking the time to put your record on your turntable and gently place the diamond on the groove…

- Valentin Schaer

I was fifteen when I bought my first vinyl and turntable. At that time, I was a very cliche hippie, rocky girl and my parents thought it was just a phase. But seven years later, I still listen to my Supertramp and Neil Young records. The sound, the emotion and the story is vers different when you listen to a vinyl. It isn’t just listening to music, this is a passion, you can’t do something else when you put a record, only sit, and appreciate it.

- Camille Carron

For the past few years, vinyl has been making a big comeback in the bins. In 2016, sales in Switzerland will increase by 50% to 3.7 million francs.



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