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Wave Height: 500ft

"...a Caltech scientist who is among those reporting an unprecedented disturbance in the world's oceans. Dr. Breg, can you give us a clearer explanation then we're getting?"

"They're acoustic shockwaves, like tsunamis, but with no seismological source. The waves are propagating toward the shorelines of every continent--"

Wave Height: 1000ft

Looking seaward past the Statue of Liberty, out past the Verazzano Narrows. Stacked up by perspective, the distant wave is a wall of water impossibly high, still miles out. Sirens wail as Russian sailors run from the docks of Petropavlovsk Naval Base. Some stand rooted as the black glacier of water, a thousand feet high and growing, thunders toward them in nightmarish slow motion.

Wave Height: 1500ft

A roar fills the air, a thunder which drowns out the people's screams, even the rotors of the news chopper as the camera teams scrambles aboard. They leave the announcer standing transfixed, his face blank, eyes tracking upward and upward as the ground begins to shake.

Wave Height: 2000ft

The Statue of Liberty looks like a souvenir figurine at the afternoon sun is blocked out by the cresting tsunami. Downtown Miami crouches in terror at the feet of the shimmering monolith. In a penthouse office suite, an executive watches the wave towering above him, blocking out the sun, a line of raging foam appearing as it arches over, about to break upon the teeming city.

Wave Height: 2500ft

It simply stops.
2600 feet high and motionless except for a shimmering undulation of its surface in the bright sun. There is quiet, a faint wind and calling of confused gulls. Various reactions, as the thunder fades and people recover, only to stand awed before the vast, inexplicable manifestation. A news helicopter passes in front of it like a dragonfly.

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Nazi Party,
Auschwitz Camp,
Nguyễn Văn Lém
execution, 1968
The Troubles,
Lebanese Civil War,
Vietnam War,
Vietnam War, 1955-1975

The Tsar Bomba (Russian: Царь-бо́мба), (code name: Ivan or Vanya), also known by the alphanumerical designation "AN602", was a hydrogen aerial bomb, and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. Tsar Bomba was developed in the Soviet Union (USSR) by a group of nuclear physicists under the leadership of Igor Kurchatov, an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union. Tested on 30 October 1961, the scientific result of the test was the experimental verification of calculation principles and multi-stage thermonuclear charges. The bomb was dropped by parachute from a Tu-95V aircraft, and detonated autonomously 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) above the Sukhoy Nos ("Dry Nose") cape of Severny Island, Novaya Zemlya, 15 km (9.3 mi) from Mityushikha Bay, north of Matochkin Strait. The detonation was intended to be secret, but was detected by United States intelligence agencies, via a KC-135A aircraft (Operation SpeedLight) in the area at the time. A secret U.S. reconnaissance aircraft named "Speed Light Alpha" monitored the blast, coming close enough to have its antiradiation paint scorched.

Virgil "Bud" Brigman

Deep Core mission's foreman. He is Lindsey's estranged husband. His aim is to help the SEAL Team that comes to prevent Soviet armymen to salvage the Ohio-class submarine USS Montana. After receiving important damage from the storm, the Deep Core is visited by an animated water column formed by Non-Terrestrial Intelligence forms. After missing to stop the SEAL leader, who is suffering paranoia from high-pressure nervous syndrome, to send a nuclear warhead from the USS Montana towards the N.T.Is abyss, he decides to dive into the abyss to defuse the bomb which has been sent into the trench.

Bud? You hangin' in there? Talk to me, Bud. Are you okay?

Shaking stoped. Feel beter. Som lite below.

What kind of light?

Light evywher. Beawtifulll.

Drop you weights and start back now! The gauge could be wrong...

No. Think Ill stay a while. Beautiful here. Worth admission.

No! You can make it! You hear me? Drop your weights... you... can breathe shallow... you... it could be wrong—

Oh God, Virgil, please...

Dont cry baby.

We knew this was a one way ticket when I put this thing on. But you know I had to come.

Love you wife.

Love you.

You have reached the abyss.
After having witnessed the recent atrocities humanity has done to itself, the N.T.I.s, living at the bottom of the ocean, have chosen to attack mankind with a gigantic wave. The hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific had already awaken their consideration of humanity's inconsiderations and harm to itself and what surrounds it. You, Bud Brigman, have decided to dive into the abyss to stop a nuclear bomb from exploding. While doing so, the N.T.I.s have overheard the dialog that you have held with your wife during your descent. This is what humanity consists of. Love. Empathy. Courage. These actions have convinced the N.T.I.s of stopping the wave that was threatening to destruct all coastal areas. Now, you can ascend back to ground and help spread this message, to help humanity to cultivate its ability of love and empathy, rather than destruction. Things can turn out the best way with some consideration.
Love is the only answer.