It is illegal to die in Parliament. If you do so, you can be arrested.
This next one is for the single ladies
Florida, US
Single women who go skydiving on Sunday will end up in jail.
Also, stop pranking on your friends, because...
It is illegal to kill a sick person by scaring them.
Maybe this next law is not that bad, actually
Capri, Italy
It is forbidden to wear
noisy shoes.
You think all of these laws are stupid? Take action!
Abolish the stupid laws!
Bob-haired professors cannot ask for pay raises No ice cream allowed to eat on Bank Street on Sunday It is illegal to play dominoes on Sunday It is forbidden to remove bandages in public It is illegal to get married following a bet It is forbidden to shave in the main street It is illegal to make noise while eating your soup It is illegal for women to ride in kimono It is illegal to fish with a lasso It is illegal to pretend that your parents are rich Putting salt on a railroad track can be punishable by death It is illegal for a woman to work topless unless she is employed in a tropical fish store If someone knocks on your door and needs to use your toilet, you must let them in It is illegal to allow dandelions to grow within the city limits You must have at least two cows if you want to wear cowboy boots It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that could cause laughter in church
I, _______, resident of_________
want to abolish the stupidest law of my country.
Spread the message! Print your petition and stick it everywhere!
support de marteau de juge marteau de juge
A long time ago, laws were written all over the world. As absurd as they are, some of them are still active to this day. Here are the stupidest law of some parts of the world.
  • It is illegal for cars to run out of gas on the highway.

  • No pig should be called Napoleon by its owner.

  • It is illegal to die in Parliament, under penalty of arrest.

  • In Eraclea, it is forbidden to build sandcastles.

  • Smoking a cigarette in a coffee shop is forbidden.

  • In Hong Kong, a woman can kill her adulterous husband, the law allows it, but she can only do it with her bare hands.

  • Bungee jumping is illegal.

  • If you live in an apartment, you are not allowed to flush the toilet or shower after 10 p.m.

  • It is illegal to remove your bandages in public.

  • In Arkansas, teachers who bob their hair forfeit their pay raises.