This website tells of a 10-day journey from the port of Algiers to Hamburg written by hand and collected in 10 different diaries. By reading and telling this story to others you contribute to the continuation of his journey. Take it wherever you want and tell it to whomever you want.


Day 1

In my quarters

We are in the port of Algiers, the sun is shining and the naval voyage has just begun. I am the captain of this ship and my crew is ready to face the challenges ahead. We set sail with enthusiasm, the sails swell in the wind and the ship ploughs the waters of the Mediterranean. I concentrate on the course, avoiding hidden dangers. The sailors go about their daily tasks: maintaining the sails, preparing meals and more. We maintain order and discipline on board, because cooperation is crucial to the success of the mission. In the evening, we gather on deck to evaluate the first day of the voyage and plan the next steps. I see the determination in the eyes of the sailors. We are ready to face challenges along the way. We are a united crew, determined to reach our destination and return home successfully.

Day 2

In my bed

The second day of our journey from the port of Algiers turns into a nightmare. A furious storm hits, unleashing heavy rain and rough waves. The ship writhes in the tumultuous waters, while I, the captain of this vessel, must do everything I can to ensure the safety of the crew. I order the crew to tighten the sails and take extra precautions to protect the ship and cargo. The waves crash violently against the hull, splashing salt water onto the deck and testing our resolve. The crew works tirelessly to keep the ship afloat. We pump water relentlessly, trying to keep the weight balanced to avoid capsizing. Each crew member gives his or her all, facing the adverse elements with courage and tenacity. The storm never seems to end, but eventually it begins to subside. The clouds clear and the wind diminishes in intensity. I breathe a sigh of relief as I observe the bare sky and the sun peeping through the clouds. I gather with the crew on deck, expressing my admiration for their endurance and dedication. I thank them for their courage and urge them to remain united as we face the challenges that still lie ahead. Despite the fatigue, the storm has not broken our spirit. We continue our journey with renewed determination, knowing that together we can face anything.

Day 3

On the watchtower

I begin to notice a peculiar and disturbing pattern behind the fury of the elements. Gathering information and observing carefully, I realise that the storm is caused by a fearsome sea monster. The news hits me like a thunderbolt and my heart fills with concern. As captain, my main responsibility is the safety of the crew and the ship. The thought that this monstrous being could attack our vessel puts me on high alert. I gather with the officers and crew to share my findings. Tension and anxiety spread across the faces of the sailors, but we cannot allow fear to paralyse us. We must take precautions and adopt a strategy to deal with this threat. We decide to alter our course slightly, trying to avoid the areas where the sea monster might be most active. At the same time, we take constant watch shifts to observe the horizon and detect any signs of its approach. As the ship continues on its way, my apprehension grows. I am aware that, despite all our precautions, we may yet encounter the dangerous sea monster. The tension on board is palpable, but I remain determined to protect my crew and defend our ship from any threat. Every moment, my eyes scan the horizon, hoping to spot the monster in advance so that I can take the necessary countermeasures. Every sign of movement or anomaly in the water makes me gasp and pushes the adrenaline through my body.

Day 4

In the cavern

On the fourth day of the voyage, as we ploughed through the waves, the fearsome sea monster attacked our ship with unprecedented fury. Its mighty jaws and powerful tails tore our boat apart, leaving us adrift. In an instant of sheer chaos, I shouted to the men to grab any floating objects and throw themselves into the water to seek safety. The crew acted with readiness and determination, grabbing any piece of wood or lifebuoy that would keep them afloat. With fear enveloping us like a shadow, we trudged towards a small island that appeared on the horizon. The waves pushed us relentlessly towards the shore, and we finally reached dry land exhausted and full of gratitude for still being alive. Under incessant rain, we sought shelter in a craggy cave overlooking the sea. The sound of thunder rumbled in our ears as we clutched each other for warmth and comfort.

Day 5

In my hut

The crew and I ventured onto the island in search of desperately needed food. Unfortunately, the barren landscape offered us little except a single fruit that looked edible. The challenge was that the fruit grew right over the lair of a giant snake. After our experience with the sea monster, we knew that we had to be extremely cautious and cunning in order to pick the fruit without incurring its deadly attack.

Day 6

In my hut

We organised ourselves into a detailed plan of action. Some crew members would form a security perimeter around the area of the snake's lair, ready to intervene in case of emergency. Meanwhile, myself and other sailors, armed with sticks and rudimentary tools, would approach the fruit carefully. As we slowly approached, the beating of our hearts resounded in our ears. Every single movement had to be measured and silent to avoid attracting the snake's attention. Finally, with extreme delicacy, we managed to pick the precious fruit without disturbing the snake. A sigh of relief spread among us, but the tension remained palpable as we slowly moved away from its lair. Once safely back, we shared the fruit amongst ourselves, with gratitude for having obtained this small but precious nourishment. We knew that our struggle for survival on the island was still ongoing, but that moment of victory gave us hope and strength to keep going.

Day 7

In the cavern

Today we gathered in the cave, discussing our options and the resources available to us. We built a makeshift boat using the debris of the wrecked ship and floating objects we had salvaged from the shipwreck. With determination, we assigned specific tasks to each crew member. Some would work to repair and reinforce the boat, while others would organise food and water supplies for the journey. It was essential for everyone to contribute their efforts to make our escape possible. In the meantime, I mapped out a possible route to the trade routes and hoped to come across a ship that could rescue us. By studying maps and carefully observing the movements of the sea currents, I tried to identify the safest trajectory for our journey.

Day 8

At the nearby beach

The preparations to leave the island had been completed and evening had finally arrived. The sky was clear and the sea breeze gently caressed our skins, bringing with it an atmosphere of anticipation and hope. We gathered around the camp, lit by a lively flame that danced with the wind. The stars shone above us as the next day would come with favourable weather for our departure

Day 9

On the lifeboat

With the full crew and our makeshift boats ready, we set sail again, determined to continue our journey to Hamburg. The waters were rough, but our spirits were determined and the hope of reaching land sustained us. Sailing with caution, we relied on our seafaring experience and the wisdom accumulated during our past adventures. Every wave that crashed against the bow of our boats reminded us of the fragility of our situation, but we never lost faith in our crew and our ability to make it.

Day 10

In Hamburg

Having finally arrived in Hamburg, we were greeted by the inhabitants with great hospitality. After being refreshed and rested, we shared our adventure with them, recounting every exciting and fascinating detail. Our words caught everyone's attention as we recounted the storms we faced, the sea monster that destroyed our ship, and our courageous refuge on the giant snake-infested island. The people of Hamburgo were carried away by our compelling story, imagining the scenes and dangers we faced. Our words fuelled their desire for adventure and challenge, creating a deep connection between us and the local community. Our story became a legend, passed down from generation to generation. Our adventure will inspire those who dream of embarking on similar journeys, giving them hope, strength and courage.